Recommendations for Maximizing Curb Appeal

and Getting Ready to Show


Preparing your home for sale need not be an expensive or time consuming process. I can help you develop a plan and a schedule to get things done. A number of sellers want to change too much and often waste money on things that are not of interest to potential buyers. Together we can target key selling items based on market trends.


Pack Before you Show


Nonessential furniture and items from every room can be stored to give your home a roomy uncluttered appearance. Furniture that is large and comfy can give the impression of a tight space. Potential buyers will look and review storage space so open and check closets.


Plan a Garage Sale or Donate Items to Charity


There is no better time to clear out items you’re not using. In addition to clutter reduction, you’ll reduce the amount and expense of items to move.


Curb Appeal


Look at your home with a critical eye. Will your home make a good first impression? Look at the grass and hedges – do they need to be trimmed? Are toys and animal evidence visible? Is the front walkway and entrance clean and inviting? Are doors working correctly, doorbells in working order and polished? You are inviting buyers into your home; these items can affect their attitude.


Getting Ready to Show


A fresh coat of neutral paint is one way to add a clean crisp feel to a home. Also, take a hard look at flooring especially in the kitchen and bathroom and make sure it is cleaned.


All surfaces including wood and counter top surfaces should be clean, bright and polished.




Prepare for Showings



Open drapes and shades to let in light and make rooms appear larger.


During evening showings, make sure porch lights and outdoor lighting is on.


Avoid having dirty dishes in the sink or on the counter. Run disposal.


Add a fresh light fragrance to the air, such as a comforting meal cooking on the stove.


Keep toys in an organized fashion.


Bikes, wagons, skateboards should be out of the way.


Keep radio, stereo and TV turned down.


Take your family out of the home. If you are home, try to remain in an area that is not being shown by the Realtor.


Refer any inquiries you receive about seeing your home to your agent.


Try to keep pets outdoors or out of the way.


Remove or store items that you do not wish buyers to view in person or in any printed advertising.