Living in a Staged Home - Tips to Keep the Clutter at Bay By Keith Loria

Living in a Staged Home - Tips to Keep the Clutter at Bay

By Keith Loria

Hiring a professional stager to get your home in tip top shape before it hits the market is often at the top of the list among real estate professionals when it comes to good investments that can’t be overlooked. In fact, stagers will be able to add some pizzazz to the space, creating a unique look that will separate your home from others on the market, which may lead to a quicker sale. 

However, it’s important to remember that once your home has been cleaned up and staged for mass appeal, you still have to live in the space until all the dotted lines are signed. And that means you’re going to have to work hard to keep your home in showcase condition. 

The key to keeping that staged look is to have a strategic plan in place when calls come in to see the house. That means hiding your personal items, putting away any papers and other clutter that will ultimately distract prospective buyers and making sure everything is polished and shiny. 

Cleanliness is the most important thing here, so make sure the kitchen looks especially sparkly clean. Clean the countertops, clear the sink and wash the floor. Put all dishes in the dishwasher and all food neatly away in the fridge. Keep the pantry clean and neat as well, because potential buyers are going to want to open any and all cabinets within the space to see what food storage options there are. You’ll also want to make sure there are no lingering smells within the home. Fresh baked items are a great way to mask the odors of other unpleasant smells. 

When it comes to the bedrooms, remedy the clutter by putting items in a closed cabinet or nightstand. Or place items in a storage container that you can hide under the bed. Be sure to leave nothing out on the furniture, including glasses, tissues and any beauty products. While a stager may want you to keep a few books on the nightstand, be sure you keep what they asked for, as there may be reasons for the specific titles they choose. 

For the bathroom, use a small container to store items such as your toothbrush, toothpaste and other personal items. This will allow you to remove everything from the bathroom quickly without causing too much of a disruption in the home.

Last but not least, the best tip for every room in the house: don’t move the furniture. If you’ve invested money in a stager, be sure to take their suggestions. 

Living in your home while it’s being staged may not be the easiest thing in the world, but hopefully, it will all pay off and you’ll soon be living in your new home. 

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