Five Ways to Build a Better Shower


BPT—The shower is a place to unwind from a stressful day, where you can
forget your worries and pamper yourself. Remodeling the shower is extremely
popular because it allows homeowners to create a spa-like experience in their
own home, not to mention it's a good investment and can increase resale value.
Before you start your remodel, here are five ways to create a shower that will
give you some well-deserved peace and quiet.


1. Spacious shower


If you're gutting your bathroom, think about opening up the space to expand
the size of your shower. Typically, showers are 36 inches wide by 36 inches
deep; but now, luxury-style showers measure at least 48 inches by 96 inches. You
can also create more shower space by selecting certain types of shower doors.
Sliding glass doors can be a hassle to clean, as dirt can get into every little
crevice. Hinged, glass doors, or if you have the space, a larger opening with no
shower door at all, are better options for creating a modern, streamlined


2. Bring in the light


Do you have a small bathroom and don't have room for a spacious shower? Not
to worry - make the shower look bigger with lighting. Adding a skylight above
the shower will make it feel larger in size and give a sense of being in a
high-end resort. The materials you use on the door can also brighten things up.
Choosing a glass door lets more light fill the space while showing off a fancy
showerhead or tile. The glass can be frosted for added privacy.


3. Showerheads in all shapes and sizes


Showerheads come in a wide variety of styles to add the desired look - and
functionality - to your bathroom. From rainshowers to traditional showerheads
and body sprays, the combinations are almost endless.


No matter what style or the number of sprays you choose, make sure to include
a hand shower. It makes cleaning the shower a breeze, will help with washing the
family pet, and gets all those hard to reach places during your daily


4. A place to sit and relax


Shower benches and seats are becoming an essential component for rest and
relaxation. It's a great way to add a spa-like element to your shower but also
provides extra safety for your family. You can build a bench into the shower or
attach one that folds up against the wall. Different styles and materials are
available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Teak is a popular choice in the
shower as it withstands different temperatures, is resistant to bugs and
humidity and is also easy to clean.


5. Storage in the shower


Finally, build niches in the shower wall to fit all the bottles used on a
daily basis. Creating several built-in areas will eliminate reaching for bottles
on the shower floor and make it easier for the family to stay organized. Make
sure the shelves slope toward the shower to keep the areas from getting moldy or
full of soap scum. If you aren't putting in new shower walls, you can also
create more storage with a sturdy, corner shelf. Choose one with at least three
shelves so Mom, Dad and the kids can each have their own shelf.




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